Executive Assistant

Interview Questions

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Operational and Situational questions

Talk about any work experience you have that is relevant for this role.

Describe your typical workday as an Executive Assistant. How do you prioritize your tasks?

Do you support more than one person? If so, how do you prioritize your tasks?

What would you do if two people you support gave you conflicting directions?

What kinds of reports and communications did you work on for your superior or CEO?

Recall a time you worked on a challenging project with multiple people. What was the project? What was the outcome?

Your CEO has given you sensitive information about a possible merger with another company. Another executive asks you what you know about these plans. How do you handle it?

How would you rate your ability to maintain confidentiality?

How would you rate your computer skills?

What specific software programs do you feel are essential to your day-to-day work?

Describe your experience with booking international and domestic travel.

What process would you use to set up a meeting?

Recall a time you disagreed with your colleagues about how to execute a project. How did you resolve it?

How would you rate your ability to work with difficult personalities?

How much do you know about this company and industry?

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