File Clerk

Interview Questions

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Role-specific questions

How will your previous experience help you with this position?

What office equipment have you used before?

Have you used or created any filing systems?

How would you rate your typing skills?

How do you ensure accuracy in your data entry?

How do you avoid data losses?

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Behavioral questions

Describe a typical work week for a file clerk

How do you prioritize your tasks?

Describe a time you had to deal with strict deadlines. How did you manage to complete tasks on time?

This job can be quite repetitive. What motivates you? What could we do to challenge you?

As part of your job you will have to handle personal data and sensitive information. How will you ensure their confidentiality?

Recall a time you had to deal with a stressful situation. What did you do to remain calm and keep performing?

How would you advise us to keep our records more organized and easily accessible?

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