Help Desk Specialist

Interview Questions

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Operational and Situational questions

What kind of customers do you have at your current or previous job?

What is your preferred operating system and why?

What help desk tools have you used in the past?

What tools have you used for logging and dating calls?

How do you stay up-to-date on your knowledge of your products and services?

A caller reports that their monitor has blacked out. How would you troubleshoot?

It seems that a caller has destroyed a product and asked your company to fix or replace it. How would you proceed?

Describe a time a caller asked for a refund.

Walk us through the steps of adding a new printer to a user’s network.

Walk us through the steps of installing antivirus software.

Describe the worst customer you’ve ever had to deal with. What did you do to handle the stress?

Recall a time you resolved an issue with an angry customer. What was the problem? How did you handle it?

Describe a time you solved a help desk call with one of your team members.

What do you do when you’re unable to answer a help desk call?

What do you know about our product? Have you seen anything that may cause problems for our customers?

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