Program Manager

Interview Questions

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Operational and Situational questions

What are the most common reasons that projects fail?

When having to monitor different projects, how do you prioritize them?

If you were assigned a program with a 6-month deadline, how would go about planning and delivering outcome?

Imagine you’re halfway through the completion of a program, when there’s a change in the company’s business strategy or objectives. How would you handle this?

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Role-specific questions

What does a program manager do that project managers don’t?

What’s the role of technology in program management?

Which metrics do you use most frequently?

What’s your experience with program charters?

Are you familiar with the PMI code of ethics?

What would you use six sigma for?

Why is change management important for this role?

How do you avoid scope creep?

How do you keep up with industry trends?

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Behavioral questions

Describe the most recent program you managed. What was your contribution?

Tell me about the biggest challenge you’ve faced while managing a team of project managers

How did you measure the success of deliverables in your last program? How did you choose the best metrics?

Describe how you developed a budget and allocated resources for a past program

Have you ever had to deal with a program that was falling behind schedule?

Have you ever faced a communication problem while managing a program? Who with and how did you resolve it?

Tell me about a time you found it difficult to negotiate with a sponsor/stakeholder. What did you do?

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