Staff Assistant

Interview Questions

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Operational and Situational questions

You booked a venue for a company conference, but a day before the event, you learn that there has been a mix-up and it’s not available. What do you do?

What information would you ask for from new hires in order to update the company’s employee records?

If you have no specific deadlines, how do you prioritize work from different departments?

Your manager assigns you with a task you’re not familiar with and doesn’t give you clear instructions. How would you approach this?

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Role-specific questions

What’s your experience with office equipment? (e.g. printers, scanners and fax machines)

How do you keep digital and physical records organized and how often do you update them?

How do you organize your daily workload? Which time management and/or calendar tools do you use, if any?

How do you create a report on expenditures in Excel?

How do you check your data-entry work for accuracy?

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Behavioral questions

Have you ever been on a team with a difficult coworker? Tell us about the situation. How did you handle it?

Describe a time you helped complete a project before its due date and under budget.

What keeps you motivated during repetitive tasks?

During a project, do you prefer working on a team or individually? Why?

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